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If It's Not Imperial Gold Maca It's Just Not Maca!
Sold To Satisfied Customers In More Than 35 Countries

Because of a back injury several years ago, I have gained weight, become depressed and very inactive. A friend gave me your product to try and in one week I noticed a difference. I feel my energy returning and have even been doing the exercises my Doctor recommended to relieve the constant pain in my back. With this product I can truly say that I'm on the road to a near normal life. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Pamela G, Niagara Falls , NY

I saw your product on the internet and researched all information and thought why not. My gynecologist had prescribed to me all different kinds of prescription for PMS and depression, etc, I had nothing but allergic reactions.   So my little  Intuition was searching for a natural remedy.  Its a miracle the IMPERIAL Gold Maca™ after trying the product for just a few days my wonderful monthly was very easy to go through without  the huge irritability, bloating, etc..


Hi. I would like to say thank you for such a great product! I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 12 years and no relief until I tried your product! I have been on Imperial Gold Maca™ for 3 weeks now and feel the best I have felt in 12 years!

Having all of the energy I have  now I am even planning a wedding. I thought I would have to elope because I felt I did not have the energy to get through a long day of a wedding and reception. The best decision I have ever made was to try your product! I feel that I have gotten my life back.  sincerely...J. Suarez, Hopewell JCT, N.Y.

This product truly works, it has drastically reduced my wife's hot flashes and mood swings, as well as giving her more energy to function thru out the day, as for me, the product has given me more endurance, great overall feeling of power.  Jorge V, Valrico, Florida (06-02-08)


My name is Inga, and I am from Latvia, new EU country. My first Imperial Gold order was in February 2008. I ordered 6 bottles, because I decided to try it for the recommended 90 days.

My decision to try it was really right. I am 44 years old woman. My cycle started to be irregular. My doctor on my questions answered, "What Do You want at Your age" But I don't feel neither old nor sick. I didn't want to start using hormonal chemical drugs because I read so much articles of negative experiences.

In the internet I found After careful reading I decided to order it! I am a Reiki master and Reiki Koruna 1st degree. And I believe that energy, natural herbs and positive thinking could give fantastic unbelievable results. Its true!

After the 1st month of using Imperial Gold Maca I started to feel very good. I am recommending 6 capsules per day for 90 days. Now I have 30 days off of Imperial Gold Maca (as recommended). My cycle is stabilizing, I have a lot of energy and I feel good. My Doctor cannot understand these results!!! Now I decided to order Imperial Gold Maca  powder and will continue to use Imperial Gold Maca! I am really recommending the use of Imperial Gold Maca for everybody! Don't use chemical hormones! use Imperial Gold Maca and be healthy! Its wonderful!   Inga W. from Latvia


Words can't even begin to describe how Imperial Gold Maca™ has changed my life. I recently had a hysterectomy. I tried so many preventive measures prior to it, only nothing worked.  After reading about Imperial Gold Maca™ I figured I would give it a try being I was trying to heal both physically and mentally.

I tried 1 tsp of the powder and began to notice a difference. Now I take a heaping teaspoon every day mixed with my morning coffee. WOW!!!  Mentally and physically I feel like a new person. I just ordered another supply.

Also I have diabetes so this has helped my blood sugar as well. Since taking the product my blood sugar has been great. Everything I read about it was true a "Hormonal Regulator". It definitely is! I just wish more women could find out about this product. Women should not have to suffer from hormone imbalances when there are products like this out there. 

I now feel as though my life was given back to me. Friends tell me I am rejuvenated. My kids are so happy to have their mom back again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Also thank you for having so much info on your website explaining the benefits.  Eileen S. Plainview, New York

I am a 50 year old female who is going through perimenopause. When the majority of my symptoms started I felt so tired and exhausted all the time. I would come home and sleep. My memory was fuzzy and I felt depressed and anxious. I went from desiring a great sex life to not desiring or having a sex drive. This happened almost over night. Not to mention HOT FLASHES at night. I was so miserable I prayed for an answer and stumbled upon this web site. I ordered this product the Imperial Gold Maca and felt relief instantly the first week. If the majority of women only new about this it would put the pharmaceutical HRT out of business. I have never been back to my OBGYN since July when they tried to prescribe HRT and I am due for a March yearly exam. I cannot wait to tell them about  Imperial Gold Maca. It's food so you can take it the rest of your life! That is another great thing! This miracle root has changed my life. I have great memory and focus, energy, cured hot flashes, and my sex drive returned. I went off it for 30 days and I really started noticing a difference. LADIES, THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS. QUIT SUFFERING! I LOVE IT.
SallyM,   Mt. Airy, NC

I seen your product on the internet and researched all information and thought why not. My gynecologist had prescribed for me all different kinds of prescriptions for PMS and depression, etc, I had nothing but allergic reactions.   So my Intuition was searching for a natural remedy. Its a miracle the Imperial  Gold Maca™ after trying the product for just a few days my wonderful monthly was very easy to go through without the huge irritability, bloating, etc..

 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU,   God Bless  Sandra J. Katy, Texas

Imperial Gold Maca™  has improved my overall performance in work, sex and brain activity . I feel much better after the first two weeks taking just two capsules a day. It's really a wonderful herb and I recommend it strongly to everyone, even in good health conditions!  Luiz Claudio Veloso Nogueira, Brazil

I ordered Imperial Gold Maca™ for sexual enhancement, but found that it addressed a  more important condition than lack of sexual vitality.

After just 2 days of taking the Imperial Gold Maca™ I noticed that I had no signs or symptoms of PMS whatsoever.  After the 5th day I was menstruating without the usual signs. I thought I may have been pregnant, because there was absolutely no signs of PMS.  The irritability, fluctuations in body temperature, night sweats, water retention, incredible back pain, frequent urination, and cramps (to name a few) were all absent.

Now that Imperial Gold Maca™ is a part of my everyday nutritional choice, I'm able to work right through the month without having to lose money, and PMS is now, truly, A GOOD THING.  Thank you so much!  It's great to feel strong, balanced and "normal" again.  HaSeth S., LMT, Miami, Florida

I have been using your Gelatinized Imperial Gold Maca™ product for about a year now and just wanted to let you know all the wonderful benefits that I have seen in your product. I found your website by accident while searching for menopausal remedies. I was starting to have very severe hot flashes and many other uncomfortable symptoms associated with perimenopause, When I began taking the Imperial Gold Maca™ the hot flashes and other uncomfortable symptoms disappeared.

My husband had been suffering from low energy and libido, after turning 50 and had been using a natural testosterone cream that really seemed to help. Even though the testosterone was supposedly natural, it still had risks. I told him to try the Gelatinized Imperial Gold Maca™ and the rest is history! My husband has increased energy and libido that he did in his early 40's, He says it is the Gelatinized Imperial Gold Maca™! He asked me to order more this morning!  We love your Imperial Gold Maca! Thanks, M.H. Cave Ceek, Arizona

I have more stamina and endurance. I am 64 years old and work out 2-3 times a week. Imperial Gold Maca™ really works! Thank you!
Ralph S. Newark, New York


I took the MACA as directed on the bottle and my (hourly) hot flashes diminished within a week to 2-3 WARM GLOWS a day. What a relief!  I'm sleeping a lot better too. Just ordered 3 more bottles.  Dr. L. Levenberg, London, UK

I had to write and tell you that Imperial Gold Maca™ is one of the first products I have ever used without a prescription that actually  did what it promised to do. I started to wake up during the night because I would be sweating hot then cold, I would wake up 6-8 times a night and by the time I would get up I was tired and evil.

I didn't know what was happening to me I just knew that I couldn't go thru the rest of my life like this,  I was directed to your sight when I typed in night sweats.  I ordered the product and the very 2nd night I tried it I had no night sweats and for the first time in 2 weeks I slept thru the night!  I actually woke up in the same spot I fell asleep in!  Thank you Thank you Thank you.  I am so impressed with my results I will be buying in bulk to share with friends so they can try it before buying there own. Thanks again for giving me my life back. Bobbi A., Crest Hill, Illinois

I have been taking IGM for about 4 months and I found it to be very good- my sexual energy, performance, desire and staying power has improved. I also feel that my energy level is high. Anthony P. Melbourne, Australia

Oh my goodness where do I begin, How about here :) I suffer from Fibromyalgia which causes me a great deal of pain, fatigue and depression. I was searching the Web one night for help and I came across the Imperial Gold Maca™ site. I thought could this be just another false hope. But there was so much research done on this product I had to give it a try.

Well let me tell you in all honesty about four days after starting Imperial Gold Maca™ I had energy. Then about a week later my pain lessened so much and fallowing that my mood had elevated. No more mood swings! No more fatigue! No more chronic pain!

I had been on Imperial Gold Maca™ for about 8 months .Here's the proof it really works for your readers .I was feeling so good I thought "hey I'm cured ":) I don't need to order my Imperial Gold Maca™ any more . I'm fine I feel great :) .... Uh oh... two weeks went by and the pain, fatigue, and depression (mood swings) came back :( Wow was I in trouble ...So I re-ordered my life-saver Imperial Gold Maca™ and the great news is I'M BACK !!! Thank you so Much !!! Heidi P. NJ

I have been taking Imperial Gold Maca™ for the passed 4 months. I have experienced symptoms of Peri-menopause and am always looking for alternative remedies, and luckily I think I have found it. I suffered terrible side effects from a virus I had two years ago which has left me with symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I suffer from fatigue, thyroid problems  etc.

My immune system is not what it used to be so when I am feeling sick all of the other symptoms seem to be enhanced.  I truly feel that my symptoms have gotten better, at least a little bit more tolerable since I am taking the Imperial Gold Maca. Thanks for a great product! Lynn T., Hawthorne, NJ

I had already received an order for Imperial Gold Maca - and was so stunned at the speed in how well it made me feel. I re-ordered today for a larger amount and I don't want to run out. K.White, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Thank you for a very speedy service and an excellent product, already feeling the benefits after only a few days, a little skeptical at first, however an excellent product, Imperial Gold Maca™.   V.Lewis, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom 

Imperial Gold Maca is such a wonderful product.  My energy level has increased and I feel great.  I have tried other (so called MACA) but nothing compares with this.

When I first started taking Imperial Gold Maca
and began to feel energized, I did not know what to do with myself. Before taking Imperial Gold Maca
, I felt tired and did not feel like doing much of anything.  Now I feel alive and vibrant and ready to enjoy more of my life. This is and excellent product.  I just love it!!!!!!!!!!! C. McCoy, Lynchburg, VA

"It amazes me how well it really works. But what is even more amazing to me is the fact that after practicing as an Obs/Gyn Health care clinician as a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife that I had never heard of such an incredible product. I really wish there was more medical literature on the product but regardless, I will whole-heartedly recommend this to all my midwifery, nurse practitioner and physician colleagues. Thanks and thanks again" - Susan G., Oceanside, N.Y.

I recently began to take Imperial Gold Maca™ Powder for my thyroid disorder and notice a remarkable difference in a short period of time. I am presently taking a tablespoon - twice daily in orange juice. I can feel the excess weight diminishing and I'm more flexible and not as stiff. This is my second order of Imperial Gold Maca™ Powder. Annabel C. Washington, DC

I want to express my sincere appreciation for Imperial Gold Maca™ as it has given me my life back.  I suffer from an endocrine system imbalance which causes me a great deal of Fibromyalgia type muscle pain, depression, loss of my hair, and extreme fatigue. After taking Maca for several months I feel much better and can enjoy life again.  The muscle pain, fatigue and depression are greatly reduced and I feel much like my old self.  Marilyn E., Tarentum, PA.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order and to let you know that the product is working very well for me, I have been using Imperial Gold Maca™ capsules for the last four weeks now and feel that I can safely recommend them to anyone. Up till recently I had been taking Viagra but find once the Maca is in your system it is just as affective and more convenient to take with a lot less concerns for side affects, once more thanking you for you're prompt service. Sincerely yours, John P. UK, England

Recently I purchased your Imperial Gold Maca™ and felt compelled to write to let you know the results of it's "field test". I live in the Rockies and each day hike 6 to 8 miles at 10,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. Wind chill factors at these altitudes during the Winter months can be brutal and often range from 0 to -20 below Before trying Imperial Gold Maca I would feel exhausted both during and after the trek. Now, only after a week of use, your Maca has proven itself to be everything you said it would be! Both stamina and endurance have improved so dramatically that neither fatigue or exhaustion are of any significant consequence. Many, many thanks and after a brief trial run with your product, I immediately placed a substantial order for a bulk of your Imperial Gold Maca. It's a great product and am referring it to all my friends. Again, many thanks..   J. B. Dulling , Colorado Springs, CO

I was at my wits end - I was impossible to live with, how I still have a husband remains a mystery!!! My mood swings were unbearable, my emotional breakdowns were draining me, the headaches, weight gain, total loss of libido - heck, what kept my husband here? All the doctors here could offer me was Prozac as an anti depressant. Then I saw your web site and hope was re-kindled. I sent for my first bottle of Imperial Gold Maca™, but was a little skeptical about the proclaimed immediate benefits - how wrong I was! I have only been taking it for just over a week but I have just ordered another three bottles. My life is back again. My husband thinks it's Christmas and ten years birthdays all rolled into one! I'm feeling alive again and actually beginning to like my body again. Thank you so much for confirming my belief that there is always an alternative and natural remedy for most ailments.  Jill B, Norwich, England

I felt results a couple hours after taking my first three capsules of Imperial Gold Maca™. I felt more energy and already had a sense of  well being. It’s the first time in my life that I can see results so fast by taking food supplements.  No wonder the Incas could be able to build Macchu Picchu! I look forward to see the improvements in other areas of my life. Imperial Gold Maca™ most certainly agrees with me…  I’ll keep you posted.  I’ve already ordered today a  one kg bulk bag of Gelatinized Imperial Gold Maca™ along with other stuff…   
Yves B. Canada

I am a high school English teacher, last year I began experiencing menopausal symptoms, i.e., hot flashes, periods of anxiety, insomnia.  I was having great difficulty getting a good night's sleep because each time I had a hot flash accompanied by anxiety (a tightening in my chest/abdomen), I woke up.  It usually happened about every thirty minutes.  So, as you can see, I was not sleeping much; and I am very cranky when I don't get enough sleep.  This was affecting my personal life, as I was very short with my family.  It also affected my teaching because I lacked energy and stamina.

I discovered maca while browsing women's health sites.  I ordered Imperial Gold Maca™, hoping it would help, but not really putting much faith in it.  I began taking it faithfully, and after about three weeks I noticed changes.  I was sleeping better and the hot flashes and anxiety were beginning to diminish.  After taking it for 2-3 months, I was normal again.  No more hot flashes or anxiety, and I sleep every night.

I would caution anyone who buys maca to get Imperial Gold Maca™.  I ordered maca from another online source, and after a month of taking it, all my symptoms returned.  Apparently, the grade of maca was very poor.  Once I started taking Imperial Gold Maca™, my symptoms again disappeared. 

I would recommend Imperial Gold Maca™ to any woman experiencing menopausal symptoms.  I recommend it to all of my friends, and anyone who complains to me of hot flashes, etc.  It has been a lifesaver for me. Deborah H,  Stuart. FL

I got your shipment of Imperial Gold Maca™ and this is the third day I have been on it. Today I am already noticing a difference and am feeling better".  
Ruth from Honolulu, Hawaii.

I was a little skeptical at first, however after trying Imperial Gold Maca for just one month, both myself and my wife are more than pleased with the results, increased Libido and energy being the two main factors without any adverse side effects Excellent product Thank you. V.F. Lewis, Wolverhampton, England

I workout three times a week, after my workout, I'm pooped. I take my protein drink and it helps somewhat, but since I have been taking your Imperial Gold Maca™ product, I am amazed at the huge difference in my overall performance. My trainer is also amazed at my progress. All gyms should know about this!  Leonard J. Columbus, Ohio

I've taken Maca for about 2 years and love it. It helps a lot in the sexual area and also the following. I work in the engineering field, on computers most of the time, and tend to go "brain dead" late in the day. Maca stopped that instantly. My brain doesn't get tired anymore and that has several values to me. I am sharper at work, suffer less and can stay alert for the drive home after work. I'm Looking into your distributorship offer. Rich W. (age 61)

"Imperial Gold Maca™ started helping me, making me stronger within a day and continuing through the next week steadily. My energy levels are very high since I started using it 2 weeks ago. Also, hot flashes which were getting worse, no matter what I used-- black cohosh, soy, phytoestrogens-- were more contained and less frequent once I started using Maca only. When I reintroduced using progesterone cream on my body at night before bed to my pattern of taking Maca 2x/day, that combination eliminated the hot flashes altogether. Thank you!!! I feel like myself again! "  Suzanne M. Soquel, CA

"Caring people have a wonderful way of making a difference in the lives they touch. Thank you so much for Imperial Gold Maca®"  Barbara F. West Point, New York.

I love your product.  My massage therapist, who is also a very knowledgeable alternative medicine source, told me about Imperial Gold Maca™ this past summer, after undergoing an abdominal hysterectomy, my energy levels were non-existent.....I was not myself at all dragging myself to work, uninterested in my usual activities, foregoing the gym.  After just 3 days of taking the "The Peruvian Miracle™", I am back to normal and feeling wonderful!!!  I am so impressed, I have been telling all my friends about it....Thank you so much!

Nancy B. RN, CEN, Alberta, Canada

"Thanks a million for such prompt service. Only 4 days and I already see a difference!". Jane P. Ahooskie, North Carolina.

I am writing to tell you that since I have been taking the Maca, for about a week, I feel like I have my life back! I noticed the difference in only a couple of days. I have been telling everyone I know about it.... particularly, my women friends. I can't imagine life anymore without it! I'm 47, in fairly good physical shape and basically healthy. I'm happily married and we have 4 sons I have struggled with fatigue and the ups and downs of PMS for years. I only wish I had found IMPERIAL GOLD MACA™ a long time ago. Now I'm enjoying each day to the fullest. I'm happy, confident and can't wait to start riding my bicycle....something that I just have not been motivated enough to do. I may even put my roller blades on. Oh, and I also have struggled with IBS, suffering with terrible stomach pains with mostly everything I ate. I actually have an appetite now and enjoy eating the healthy foods that I know I should be eating. Well, as you can see, I am one happy and pleased customer! Thank you so much for corresponding with me. Cheers!  Jo-Ann H. Stratford, Connecticut

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order and to let you know that the product is working very well for me, I have been using these capsules for the last four weeks now and feel that I can safely recommend them to anyone. Up till recently I had been taking Viagra but find once the Maca is in your system it is just as affective and more convenient to take with a lot less side affects, once more thanking you for you're prompt service. Would it in future be possible to place future orders via the Email system?  Sincerely yours  John P. Leicester, UK

"I started taking Imperial Gold Maca™ as soon as I received it. My hot flashes were greatly reduced within a week and as of now they are few and far between!!!"  Kathy K. Birmingham, Alabama.

"My husband was putting up with me, my mood swings, hot flashes and night sweating was driving me crazy. I knew he was as miserable as I was, and I really didn't know what to do. When I got my first order of Imperial Gold Maca™ I was very skeptical, but after a few days I started to see a big difference. I am really amazed and so grateful for your terrific product, thank you. Helen B.  Salinas, California.

I am a 42 year old women who was suffering with advanced peri-menopausal symptoms, I wanted to stay natural and your excellent quality product fit the bill. I have more energy then I have had in more than five years. Most of my symptoms are gone and I tell everyone about this ethical product.
Jacelyn L. Auckland Australia.

"Since I've gone through menopause it's been difficult to have an orgasm, but I can now attain that since talking the MACA. I feel like being sexual again!" Ann B. Monett, Montana.

"I heard about MACA and can't believe the change's it's made in my life, more energy, stamina, & alertness. Thank you so much!" 
Sheldon B. Kew Gardens, New York.

"No more hot flashes, depression or pain! Thanks a lot. I am reordering " Bobbie M. Rockingham, North Carolina.

"Energy levels have increased immensely in a very short period of time. Thank you!" Judy M. Melbourne, Australia.

"I have noticed a significant level of more balanced energy, stamina & endurance markedly during cardio vascular workouts using MACA". Dr. Mark Smith , M.D. West Point, New York

Hi. my name is Mark R, I have tried both your regular Imperial Gold Maca™  and now am taking the Gelatinized Imperial Gold Maca™. indeed, I have noticed an upsurge in both stamina, clarity, and endurance, using both. also, I have noticed that I am calmer and suffer from less anxiety. Mark R. Stevens Point, Wisconsin


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