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Understanding What an Adaptogen Is?
And How Imperial Gold Maca™
May Assist the Body In Improving Itself

Imperial Gold Maca™ is a clear classic example of what an Adaptogen is. As can be surmised from the word itself, an 'Adaptogen' is a substance that helps the body to "adapt" to particular stresses put upon it and for the body to adapt to those stresses by regulating itself naturally with the stimulation of an herb food. 

The word 'Adaptogen' was first used by the Russian scientist Dr. Nickolai Lazarev in 1947. He reported on several indigenous plants that helped increase the body's natural resistance to environmental stresses and later coined the term "Adaptogens". 

Adaptogens are compounds that are able to prevent the physical and chemical effects of stress. Further research is needed to determine the main mechanism for many adaptogens.

One of the first Soviet scientists to embrace new ideas was Dr. Nicholai Lazarev, a pioneer in the then-emerging fields of toxicology and preventive medicine. Lazarev grew up in Russia during and following the Revolution. During this period Soviet leaders were aggressively transforming Russia from an agrarian to an industrial society. This extreme transition was driven by a desperate desire to not only catch up with the West, but to dominate the world - scientifically, politically, and militarily. Accompanying these rapid advances were many damaging consequences of industrialization.

Shortly after graduating from medical school in 1928, Lazarev started working on ways to prevent the damaging effects of new industrial chemicals on humans. Lazarev and his scientific team identified over 400 previously unknown chemical compounds in the new factories, and studied the effects of these toxic industrial byproducts on humans.

World War ll Research
From the beginning of the second World War, the Soviet government drafted all Soviet scientist - including Dr. Lazarev - to work on military projects. Lazarev's efforts again shifted-this time to finding substances which could help soldiers overcome fatigue and improve their performance on the battlefield. His research resulted in the discovery of many effective stimulants. The Soviet military found that these drugs successfully improved the soldiers' productivity and performance in battle.

With the soldiers as unknowing guinea pigs for amphetamines and other stimulants, Lazarev learned that many of the drugs were very effective in improving performance in response to great challenges in extreme situations for very short terms. However, he realized that the stimulants were not as beneficial in a peaceful environment as they were in wartime, and were harmful when used for prolonged periods.

When WWII ended, Lazarev resumed his research on substances with non-specific, broad ranges of action. His search was not limited to the modern conventional practices used today to develop synthetic drugs. He also investigated century-old methods of ancient preventive medical systems.

Understanding Traditional Herbs
Lazarev was especially intrigued by a group of herbs that ancient medical traditions referred to as 'elite' or 'kingly.' In traditional Chinese medicine these herbs were classified as effective for increasing physical and mental capacity, reducing fatigue, improving resistance to disease, and promoting life extension. In China these herbs were used by soldiers directly before battle. In Siberia they were used by hunters before long and dangerous journeys. Despite countless legends, thousands of years of use by people in China, Russia, Japan, Korea and Europe, the benefits of these plants had never been scientifically studied.

In 1948 Lazarev and his protιgι, Dr. Israel Brekhman, undertook the challenge of researching the utility and effectiveness of this group of plants. Lazarev named this group of supplements 'Adaptogens.'

To Be Considered A True Adaptogen, A Plant
Must Conform To The Following Criteria:

1. The plant must be nontoxic and totally harmless to the body. It must allow the continuing normal physiological activity of the individual.

2. The action it exerts must be nonspecific and should maintain normal body functions despite a wide range of onslaughts to the body (i.e. stress).

3. It should normalize body functions irrespective of existing pathological conditions. Unlike allopathic drugs which carry with them the possibility of side effects, Adaptogens must benefit the body without disturbing it or doing it harm. Not many plants possess Adaptogen properties. In fact it is estimated that only one in 4,000 plants is classified as an Adaptogen.

Imperial Gold Maca™ is one of the more powerful adaptogenic herbs known fulfilling all the above criteria. Imperial Gold Maca's™ effect on the body is two-fold. First, it may directly nourishes the endocrine system . Second, it may normalize the nervous and hormonal systems in the body when they are adversely affected by stress and aging changes.

Imperial Gold Maca in Powder and Capsule FormAlthough Adaptogens generally function in the same way, and have a great many health-giving properties, they are not all the same. What makes Imperial Gold Maca™ so unique is the wide variety of therapeutic effects that scientists have demonstrated through their research; i.e., re-stimulate the entire endocrine system of the body, starting with the master glands and proceeding to then affect all the other major endocrine glands, balancing the hormonal system, increasing estrogen and progesterone levels as well as testosterone levels, feeding the pituitary gland and allowing the hypothalamus to regulate the body normally etc. In other words, getting these benefits by taking Imperial Gold Maca™ could eliminate the need for using an array of other supplements.
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